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News: ZURI Hybrid VTOL Unveiled

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  1. ZURI Officially Unveils Hybrid VTOL
    We have heard about the ZURI hybrid VTOL before but not much has been shown about the aircraft since it has been in development but earlier this year the company began to release more on the new VTOL. As mentioned, it is not a pure eVTOL but a hybrid VTOL. The craft has 8 tilting electric motors as well as a turbine with an electricity generator for powering electric motors and recharging Lithium batteries.
  2. The Zuri 2.0 is touted to be able to fly at above 186 mph and have a range of 435 miles with 30 minute reserve. As a result of being hybrid the aircraft can produce -in theory- a range greater than 700km. If it was all-electric like an eVTOL the range would be dramatically reduced. the Zuri 2.0 will be used in transporting passengers and cargo. Internally though the cargo variant will be known as the Zuri 2.0 Cargo while the Zuri 2.0 is the passenger version. Up to this stage ZURI has been conducting ground and low hover testing.

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Thread Status:
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