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News: VoltAero; TESI Partners On Cassio 330 Electric Hybrid

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  1. VoltAero; TESI Partners On Cassio 330 Electric Hybrid
    VoltAero is one company that is currently working on their prototype Cassio 330 for electric-hybrid flight in the future. It isn't quite an eVTOL as it won't be taking off and or landing vertically and transitioning into forward flight. However, it is an aircraft that goes a long way to reducing emissions and efficiency. VoltAero's latest endeavours recently came in the form of a new partnership with a company called TESI (Tecnologie E Servizi Innovativi S.r.l.) which gives VoltAero a needed capital boost as well as an industrial partner. The following renderings are VoltAero generated renders.
  2. Luigi Punzo the CEO of TESI, said: "We have been impressed by VoltAero’s highly intelligent approach with Cassio, applying its dual-source electric-hybrid propulsion concept for regional aviation that will be both sustainable and operationally safe." Jean Botti, VoltAero’s CEO & Chief Technology Officer, commented: "TESI’s decision to become both a strategic investor and an industrial partner is a clear sign of VoltAero’s technology and business model credibility as we take this important step closer to reality for the Cassio airplane family with the Series B funding round." With the investment and technical expertise of TESI, they are expected to produce the airframe for VoltAero’s first Cassio 330 prototype. That aircraft is now being targeted to make its maiden flight in 2023. The Cassio 330 is the five-seat version of the aircraft and it will possess total electric-hybrid propulsive power of 330 kilowatts.

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