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News: Transport Canada Approves PW812GA Engine For Gulfstream G400

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  1. PW812GA Engines Approved By Transport Canada
    The Pratt & Whitney Canada PW812GA (PW800 series) engine that has been in development to power the recently announced Gulfstream G400 has been given the affirmative nod by Transport Canada. With that approval in hand, the first flight for the G400 can now commence early 2023. "We worked closely with Transport Canada to create an efficient and thorough certification process that successfully led us to this point," said P&WC president Maria Della Posta. "When it enters into service, the G400 will be the third Gulfstream model to rely on our PW800 engine family. We are gratified by the steady progress the PW800 engine family has achieved based on its ability to deliver a new level of performance and efficiency to the large-cabin business aircraft class."
  2. The G400 was only announced in October 2021 and so far more than 3,400 test hours have been made on the engine. Gulfstream also has two other variants of the PW800 family flying on the G500 and G600. Those are the PW814 and PW815. If there are no issues or hick-ups with certification testing the Gulfstream G400 should be entering service in early 2025. By that time Gulfstream would have certificated and fielded the G700 and the G400 as well as have the relatively young G500 and G600 models which have already been in service. The G800 testing too has already started and this will be the future flagship. Gulfstream in quick-time has refreshed the majority of their large-cabin line-up in response to growing competition from other large-cabin airframers.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.