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News: Regent Unveils Full-scale Mockup Of Viceroy Electric Sea Glider

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  1. Regent Unveils Full-scale Mockup Of Viceroy Electric Sea Glider
    In a world where electrification of aircraft is becoming more common it isn't just merely eVTOLs that are getting the all-electric designator. More proposals and active testing designs are surfacing for commuter style and even regional aircraft that are all-electric or that combines hydrogen with electric. Here is another name to add to the list, Regent Craft. They are endeavouring to bring an electric sea glider to market by 2025. Below is a full-scale mockup of the Viceroy aircraft unveiled today.
  2. It is the result of data and information garnered from a much smaller prototype, one-quarter scale. The full-size mockup has a fully-finished interior as well. The company has also received key investments from well-placed interests like Lockheed Martin, Japan Airlines, and Yamato Holdings, as well as added noted names from the aviation industry such as Dennis Muilenburg (ex. CEO of Boeing) and David Neeleman (ex. CEO and founder of Jet Blue and current CEO of Breeze Airways).
  3. "This mock-up, along with the announcement of our plans to build new state-of-the-art facilities, showcases our growth trajectory and our commitment to begin production as soon as possible," said Regent co-founder and CEO Billy Thalheimer. "Our studies, based on publicly validated data, show that our sea gliders serve an $11 billion market that we project to swell to as much as $25 billion as battery technology advances." The Viceroy is anticipated to have a range of 180 miles using its 60-foot wingspan to good effect. 8 billion in agreements are already founded for the Viceroy and with its 12-passenger capacity it will connect coastal cities giving passengers alternative point-to-point travel.

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