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News: Pyka Unveils World's Largest Autonomous Electric Cargo Aircraft

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  1. World's Largest Autonomous Cargo Aircraft By Pyka
    A company named Pyka has unveiled the world's largest Autonomous Electric Cargo Aircraft. No, it may not be the size of the conventional freighters you see everyday but certainly it is a small aircraft that is getting small cargo items delivered without any major environmental footprint. The Pelican Cargo as it is known as is world's largest zero-emission cargo airplane and the first autonomous vehicle of its class. It can be loaded in 5 minutes carrying up to 400 lbs of cargo and travel 200 miles.
  2. Pyka's Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Michael Norcia, noted: "Pelican Cargo will have a significant positive impact on people's lives. We designed this plane to eliminate C02 emissions from the logistics chain, while offering a significant speed advantage over ground transportation and operating costs at a fraction of conventional air transportation." Although this aircraft is beginning to come to light on the global scale, it has been slowly raking in commitments and orders for the autonomous electric aircraft. At this stage there are more than 80 pre-commitments from customers in Europe and North America. The company had success with its agriculture variant known as Pelican Spray. Pyka is also scaling-up the concept to make electric passenger planes too so they are not remaining as cargo-logistics or agriculture crop dusters.

    For more information:

    Pyka Inc
    1960 Mandela Parkway,
    Oakland, CA 94607, USA

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.