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News: Piper Unveils M700 Fury

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  1. New M700 Fury By Piper Aircraft
    Piper Aircraft unveiled the latest iteration of its M-Class turboprop single. It is called the M700 Fury which takes over flagship status from the M600SLS. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification for the newest aircraft is expected to come in March of this year while other international approvals are set to be awarded in the second half of the year. That is, Transport Canada, EASA, UK CAA and Brazil's ANAC.
  2. If you are in the United States, deliveries for the M700 Fury will occur immediately after certification is given. Internationally, those will happen towards the end of this year. The M700 Fury is more powerful than the M600SLS that it is replacing boasting a PT6A-52 powerplant over the PT6A-42 of the 600SLS which translates to 100 SHP more. The M700 Fury is now a 700 SHP aircraft.
  3. The M700 Fury will now have a 5-bladed Hartzell prop versus the 4 bladed one of the 600SLS. The M700 FURY boasts a maximum cruise speed of 301-ktas with a max range of 1,149 nm/1,849 km (at max cruise speed, 1,424 nm at normal cruise speed) while maintaining its Basic Med compliant 6,000-pound MGTOW limit. Other improvements include after a MGTOW departure, the M700 enjoys a class-leading 2,048 fpm climb rate, 32 percent better than the M600. settled into the climb, the M700 FURY reaches a comfortable FL250 in 13.9 minutes (34 percent quicker than the M600) after covering a short 34-mile distance (35 percent less distance than prior) while only burning 97 lbs. of fuel (25 percent less fuel than the M600 and nearly 50% less fuel than a single-engine jet competitor). Landing over a 50 ft. obstacle, the M700 FURY continues its class-leading performance, achieving a 26 percent reduction versus the M600 and within half the ground roll distance of some competitors. The 700 Fury will also retain some of the outstanding features of the 600SLS like Garmin’s PlaneSync™ technology, Garmin’s G3000® avionics system—a touchscreen-controlled glass flight deck. HALO Safety System (including Garmin’s Autoland technology).

    For more information:

    2926 Piper Drive
    Vero Beach, FL 32960

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.