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News: Piper First To Certify Garmin's GWX 8000 Weather Radar

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  1. Piper First To Certify Garmin's GWX 8000 Weather Radar
    Piper Aircraft has created a first for itself. The airframer has received certification of the new Garmin GWX 8000 weather radar in all M-Class aircraft models. Piper Aircraft is now the first general aviation airframer to certify the all-digital radar in a turbo prop or piston product. "We are excited to lead the general aviation industry with the certification of the GWX 8000 StormOptix weather radar in our M-Class product line", said Piper President and CEO, John Calcagno. "The unmatched visibility that the advanced weather radar solution offers along with reduced pilot workload helps further enhance the safe operation of our aircraft and brings another level of assurance to our owner pilots. Our customers are able to easily interpret the severity of storm cells in an area and make timely decisions to help them navigate with confidence around severe weather systems."
  2. The new certification puts the Piper M-Class aircraft in a league that is enjoyed by large business jets and commercial aircraft in terms of the Garmin radar product. The GWX 8000 StormOptix is Garmin’s most advanced weather radar system to date. As standard capability on the GWX 8000 system, the radar will also predict lightning and hail development in thunderstorm cells ahead as well as detecting and alerting you to potentially hazardous turbulence. This allows for earlier threat identification permitting earlier decisions to made by the pilots. Additionally, the GWX 8000 StormOptix radar offers Garmin’s WATCH feature, which identifies the "shadowing" effects of short-range cell activity — highlighting areas where radar signals are weakened, or attenuated, by intense precipitation (or large areas of lesser precipitation) and that may not fully reflect the "storm behind the storm." In short, greater prediction and accurate displays offer informed decisions to PIC (Pilot in Command).

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