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News: Next Generation Civil Tiltrotor Demonstrator Prepares First Flight

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  1. First Flight Coming Soon For NGCTR Demonstrator
    The Next Generation Civil Tiltrotor (NGCTR) Demonstrator that Leonardo is working on is being prepared for its maiden sortie/first flight. This has been a long time in the making as it was originally expected to be flying since 2020. Leonardo suggests that the Covid-19 pandemic and its associated spin-off effects derailed that timeline. However, the first demonstrator hull is in final assembly and below you can see some of the most recent images of the progress thus far.
  2. You may be saying that Next Generation Civil Tiltrotor (NGCTR) looks familiar as you may have seen something similar like the AW609 of maybe a V-22 Osprey or the Bell V-280. Next Generation Civil Tiltrotor (NGCTR) demonstrator is actually using an AW609 fuselage but the aim with this project is to test particular technologies and building blocks for the next civil tiltrotor. Massimo Biggi, head of future fast rotorcraft programmes at Leonardo said: "Basically, the five technologies that this demonstrator is testing are the basic building blocks for the future development of the next-generation tiltrotor in the 2030 timeframe."
  3. While it is using the AW609 fuselage there are numerous new features, technologies and facets that are quite different. One of the key differences between what exists currently as tiltrotors and this new demonstrator is in the tilt mechanism itself. On existing aircraft like the V-280 and the V-22 Osprey, there is a complicated movement where the entire engine is tilted to achieve vertical and transitional direction. On the NGCTR it is only the transmission that moves. In essence, the engines remain horizontal while it is only the forward end with the propeller that tilts. The NGCTR has a V-tail as well similar to the V-280. There is a single Martin-Baker ejection seat in the cockpit rather than two seats.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.