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News: MagniX Developing Hydrogen Fuel Cells

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  1. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Propulsion In The Works By MagniX
    Electric planes via the utilization of battery technology will never be the sole solution for battling de-carbonization efforts in the aviation industry. That is why there are companies currently working on other applications such as hydrogen. MagniX, a company based in Everett, Washington, United States, is known for its prowess in electric propulsion. In fact, the first flight of the Eviation ALICE towards the end of September was made possible by MagniX using a pair of MagniX650 electric motors.
  2. However, MagniX is working on Hydrogen technologies that will complement its electric propulsion efforts so far. Additionally it would allow for options in hybridization for operators in the future. "By offering this technology alongside battery-electric and hybrid-electric systems, which will remain better suited to powering smaller aircraft, MagniX will be able to offer a wider range of electric solutions to operators transitioning to carbon-free fleets," the company said. Hydrogen has a high energy density, providing the capability to power electric aircraft of 50 to 90 passengers.

    For more information:

    3301 Seaway Blvd Suite 130
    Everett WA 98203
    United States

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.