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News: Lockheed Martin/NASA To Officially Unveil X-59 QueSST

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  1. Official Unveiling Coming For X-59 QueSST This Month
    The last we heard about the Lockheed Martin/NASA QueSST X-59 was perhaps mid-2023 when they were ground-testing the first assembled test aircraft prototype. . We were able to see parts of the airframe last year but not a fully-assembled aircraft. This month NASA is expected to officially roll-out the X-59. Although the aircraft was expected to fly last year, it has been pushed back to October, 2024.
  2. The NASA experimental project in concert with Lockheed Martin is aimed at data collection on supersonic flight over land which in turn will help to govern and shape regulations that will oversee future supersonic aircraft. Remember that with a number of supersonic and hypersonic projects in testing there needs to be greater understanding how flight over land will affect communities and the environment in general. Hermeus recently provided an update on their progress with their hypersonic endeavours with the Quarterhorse prototype. BOOM Supersonic is also working on their supersonic airliner/business jet with first flight of their demonstrator aircraft (XB-1) expected to take flight early this year. .
  3. "As part of the demands of developing this unique aircraft, the QueSST team is working through several technical challenges identified over the course of 2023, when the X-59 had been scheduled to make its first flight," NASA said in a statement at the time. "Extra time is needed to fully integrate systems into the aircraft and ensure they work together as expected. The team is also resolving intermittent issues with some of the safety-redundant computers that control the aircraft’s systems." The QueSST aircraft is a unique one and although it has new systems and technology, it is still utilizing existing parts from other aircraft. For example, the landing gear is pretty much an F-16 gear setup. The life-support system is from the F-15. The reveal of the X-59 quiet supersonic flight demonstrator is slated for January 12.

    For more information:

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    6801 Rockledge Dr Bethesda, MD

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.