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News: Leonardo's AW609 Tilt-Rotor Aircraft Debuts At NBAA-BACE

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  1. NBAA-BACE Debut For Leonardo AW609
    This is an interesting subject to cover as Jet Forums doesn't typically cover helicopters. However, the Leonardo AW609 isn't a pure helicopter and is more closer to a conventional aircraft. It has a tilt-rotor system that can swivel to adjust the angle of lift therefore reducing take off distance or it can take off and land without needing regular runway length. It can be noted as the civilian version of the military V-22 Osprey. The AW609 is going to be the lead in the "Agusta" branding for Leonardo being pushed as a VIP/Executive platform.
  2. This Agusta concept was launched at the Dubai Air Show last year and now at the forthcoming NBAA-BACE we will be afforded the chance to experience a test-model in person. That's right, The AW609 Civil Tilt Rotor will debut at NBAA-BACE alongside a full-cabin VIP mockup. The test program is going well and the Initial Production Aircraft is expected to fly for the first time 'imminently'. That aircraft will eventually be delivered to Bristow. Range of the aircraft is expected to be between 700 to 1,000 nautical miles dependent on if it is carrying auxiliary fuel. Typically it will carry around 9 passengers and 1 or 2 crew being able to run at 270 KTAS maximum cruise speed. The service ceiling with aux fuel is 25,000 ft. The AW609 TiltRotor is a revolutionary aircraft that will redefine point-to-point transportation by combining the the speed, range and altitude of a fixed-wing turboprop with the vertical take-off and landing versatility of a helicopter.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.