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News: Leonardo Fourth FTV AW609 Takes Off

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  1. AC04 AW609 Lifts Off Marking Final Stretch To Certification
    We here at JF normally do not cover helicopters but the AW609 is a bit of both worlds as a tilt-rotor. The AW609 is inching closer and closer to certification with the flight of the fourth test article which would be more representative of a production aircraft. The AW609 is the civilian tilt-rotor but many will be familiar with the recognizable V-22 Osprey in use with the U.S armed forces which uses similar system.
  2. The AW609 will find its existence is several roles. EMS, SAR and passenger (executive) applications are expected to be popular. The first flight of the fourth article (AC04) happened on December 23rd. It didn't fly anywhere but hovered about 20-feet to gather data, pose for photos and landed after without incident. The forth aircraft will be used as a testbed for avionics and the remainder tasks of the certification process. AC05 is being assembled and is expected to be ready in 2020 as the first production aircraft although it remains unclear if this aircraft will be shipped to the launch customer or remain with Leonardo as a demonstrator model.

    For more information:

    Via Giovanni Agusta, 520
    21017 Cascina Costa di Samarate (VA)

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.