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News: Latest Update On Stratolaunch

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  1. Stratolaunch Latest Flight; A Step Closer To Hypersonic Drop Tests
    Last year JF alerted you to what was happening with the Stratolaunch system which involves the world's largest aircraft (by wingspan) called Stratolaunch ROC and its hypersonic test vehicle Talon-A. At the time, the team mounted Talon-A to the specially designed center-line mount but didn't actually drop-test the aircraft from the mount because they needed to understand the aerodynamics of the craft while attached to the Stratolaunch ROC carrying aircraft. On April 1st, the Stratolaunch ROC flew for its 10th time but 3rd time while carrying the Talon-A separation vehicle.
  2. At the start of 2023 ROC carried the vehicle for 6 hours reaching an altitude of 22,500 ft. The third carry in April was the latest. "This third captive carry accomplished data collection and verification of hardware that further builds confidence and reduces risks for our upcoming release test of our separation vehicle, known as TA-0," Dr. Zachary Krevor, chief executive officer for Stratolaunch, said in a statement. "The team also practiced the release sequence, enabling us to collect important data regarding how the Stratolaunch Talon Launch System performs during this dynamic phase of flight." The purpose of the Stratrolaunch system is to serve as a platform for hypersonic testing. It is to launch small, autonomous, rocket-powered, hypersonic testbeds from altitudes around 35,000 feet.

    For more information:

    Stratolaunch HQ
    555 Riccomini St,
    Mojave, CA 93501

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.