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News: Hydrogen Powered Regional Turboprops Sooner Than You Think

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  1. Hydrogen Powered Regional Turboprops Sooner Than You Think
    A company called Universal Hydrogen is actively working on decarbonization steps and steppimg away from traditional means of fueling the propulsion of regional turboprops like the ATR. To put their work on a testbed and to validate their work, they have been utilizing a Dash 8. That De Havilland Dash 8 hydrogen fuel cell-powered testbed first flew earlier this month and while it was hydrogen-electric, the propeller on one of the engines was a specially made Hartzell prop for the testing missions.
  2. The 91-inch diameter five-blade swept airfoil carbon fiber propeller although smaller than the regular prop found on the Dash 8 provided thrust to keep the aircraft flying during the tests. The first test was a success marking it as the largest hydrogen fuel cell-powered airplane ever to take to the skies so far. Additionally, it was the largest airplane to cruise principally on hydrogen. At 3,500 MSL the test aircraft stayed aloft for around 15 minutes for the first test flight. This particular test program is expected to wrap up in 2025 paving the way for real-world applications on the ATR 72-500. Universal Hydrogen unveiled the hydrogen-electric ATR 72 testbed demonstrator on July 11th, 2022. Below is a photo of that aircraft.

    For more information:

    Universal Hydrogen
    3914 W 120th St
    Hawthorne, CA 90250

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.