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News: Hydrogen-Electric Flights For ZeroAvia Approved BY CAA

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  1. CAA Approves Test Flights With Hydrogen-Electric Powertrain
    The Civil Aviation Authority in the UK has given ZeroAvia permission to commence test flights using a hydrogen-electric powertrain. The prototype hydrogen-electric powertrain has been fitted to a testbed Dornier 228 and an actual permit has been granted to ZeroAvia to start flying the retrofitted Dornier 228. Extensive ground testing of the hydrogen-electric powertrain has been carried out so far along with full review of the development of the program so far.
  2. Of course the Dornier 228 isn't fitted with two hydrogen-electric engines just yet. The port (left) side has the test hydrogen-electric powerplant fitted to it while the starboard-side has a Honeywell TPE-331 stock engine for safety. Val Miftakhov, Founder & CEO of ZeroAvia commented: "Earning our full Part 21 permit to fly with the CAA is a critical milestone as we develop a zero-emission aviation propulsion system that will be the most environmental and economical solution to the industry's climate impact. We're going to be starting 2023 in the best way possible, by demonstrating through flight that true zero-emission commercial flight is much closer than many think." Testflights are expected to commence in January, 2023. ZeroAvia's Dornier 228 testbed is expected to become the largest aircraft to ever fly using a hydrogen-electric powertrain.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.