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News: HondaJet ELITE II Latest Unveiled At NBAA-BACE

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  1. HondaJet ELITE II Revealed At NBAA-BACE
    Last week Honda Aircraft company announced a new upgrade to the HondaJet ELITE however, the company waited until the start of the 2022 NBAA-BACE in Orlando to reveal what they truly were working on. The latest iteration of the HondaJet is called the HondaJet ELITE II and it has a lot more going on than the 'Upgrade Package' the company alluded to last week. Firstly, the range has been improved with the ELITE II being able to now fly 1,547 nautical miles. The addition of ground spoilers completes the performance upgrades, optimizing takeoff and landing field performance. The Hondajet will also be receiving more improvements late next year as well.
  2. The Honda Aircraft Company is making the HondaJet even more automated. With the announcement of its journey of automation, Honda Aircraft Company also plans to introduce Autothrottle and Emergency Autoland by the end of 2023. This direction encapsulates the continuous effort to improve the HondaJet through automation, augmentation, and situational awareness technologies, to enhance operational safety and reduce pilot workload while aligning with global Honda’s commitment to advances in safety technology.
  3. Sticking to the newly announced HondaJet ELITE II there is a redesigned interior that is based around two design options, STEEL and ONYX, which naturally have new materials and finishes to carry out the respective themes. ONYX: a rich and warm neutral greige cabin theme with mid-tone wood accents. STEEL: a modern light cool grey theme with high contrast marble accents. Additionally, there is new aisle flooring accentuated with a hardwood herringbone and plank patterns (as an option). LED lighting with soft 'indigo' nighttime setting. Ground illumination on the main entry door and integrated exterior lights.
  4. Externally, the ELITE II introduces a bold new Black Edition paint scheme that further differentiates the ramp appeal of the aircraft. Other exterior schemes for the new iteration include: Black Sable signature exterior paint schemes as well as New Corporate Scheme Design. As for the improved range, this was made possible via additional space to carry more fuel. Increased Gross Weight which increases the maximum takeoff weight to 11,100 pounds.

    For more information:

    Honda Aircraft Company
    Greensboro, NC
    United States of America

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.