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News: Heart Aerospace Inks Large Order; Purchase Stake From Air Canada

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  1. Heart Aerospace ES-30 Grabs Attention Of Air Canada
    Heart Aerospace has received a large order from Canadian flag-carrier Air Canada for its ES-30 Electric Hybrid aircraft. The aircraft is in development and won't make it to market until 2028 or so. Air Canada has signed for 30 of these aircraft and also a stake in the company worth 5 million dollars. Saab is also a new shareholder in the Swedish company. "We are thrilled to have two such strong partners as Saab and Air Canada join our mission to electrify regional air travel," said Anders Forslund, founder and CEO of Heart Aerospace.
  2. For those who may not be familiar with the company or its endeavours, the ES-30 is a thirty seat regional electric aircraft that replaces the ES-19 previously revealed by Heart Aerospace. The aircraft will be driven by electric motors that are powered by batteries and that combination permits the airplane to operate with zero emissions and low noise. The aircraft in all-electric mode will be able to fly 200 km. The company suggests that in the future there may be a hybrid version that travels 400 km and a 25 passenger hybrid that flies 800km. For now they are focusing on the 30 passenger all-electric version to start.

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    Heart Aerospace
    Fredsflottiljens Väg 19,
    417 46 Göteborg,

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