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News: Heart Aerospace; Aland Sign On Agreement For ES-30 Hybrid-Electric Planes

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  1. HS-30 Hybrid-Electric Good For Transportation Between Finland
    Heart Aerospace is back in the news concerning their Hybrid-Electric ES-30 aircraft. They have signed an agreement in the form of a MoU with Aland -an autonomous part of Finland in the Baltic Sea-. The government of the area is investigating ways to debcarbonize air travel to the islands. Heart Aerospace envisions these flights between Aland’s capital city Mariehamn and locations on the Finnish and Swedish mainland. The 30-seat commuter hybrid-electric is expected to enter service from 2028.
  2. Mariehamn is the capital which is located approximately 70 nautical miles to a place like Stockholm which can be flown on the HS-30 batteries alone. However, for distances that are greater the hybrid setup can allow the aircraft to fly further where other pure eVTOLs would not be able to transit. At around 160 nautical miles, Finnish cities Helsinki and Tampere are beyond full-electric range. Overall it is well within the ES-30’s 215 nautical mile range if it is operating in its hybrid mode, says Simon Newitt, Heart’s chief commercial officer.

    For more information:

    Heart Aerospace
    Fredsflottiljens Väg 19,
    417 46 Göteborg,

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.