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News: H2FLY Sets Record With HY4 Hydrogen-Hybrid Aircraft

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  1. H2FLY; HY4 Hydrogen-Hybrid Aircraft Sets Record
    Something has been buzzing in the new hydrogen aviation sector recently. H2FLY is a company working on a hydrogen-based aircraft and it recently set what appears to be a record for flying a hydrogen-based aircraft. To be specific the aircraft is hydrogen-electric and is called the HY4. It recently flew just above the 7,000 foot altitude mark being flown by an actual pilot. The demonstrator aircraft is likely the first hydrogen-electric based plane to fly above 7,000 with a pilot flying it. In fact, recently the aircraft flew between Stuttgart and Friedrichshafen on April 12th, marking the first time a hydrogen-electric passenger aircraft has been piloted, between two major airports.
  2. Prof. Dr. Josef Kallo, co-founder and CEO of H2FLY said, "This is a remarkable achievement for H2FLY, as no other hydrogen-powered passenger aircraft has flown between two commercial airports to date. We are also thrilled to have set what we believe to be a new world record by reaching an altitude of over 7,000 feet with our HY4 aircraft. We want to thank our long-time partners Stuttgart Airport, University of Ulm, DLR Stuttgart, Friedrichshafen Airport, and AERO Friedrichshafen, for supporting us in our mission to make sustainable travel a reality." The test aircraft has been around for a while having first flown in 2016. It is a four-passenger aircraft capable of close to 124 mph.

    For more information:

    H2FLY GmbH
    Augsburger Stra├če 293
    70327 Stuttgart

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.