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News: Globals; Challengers Benefit From Smart Link Plus After Approvals

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  1. Smart Link Plus Filters Down To Majority of Bombardier Models
    Most Bombardier Challenger and Global models will now benefit from the Bombardier Smart Link Plus aircraft health monitoring system after it was approved by three regulatory/safety bodies. Transport Canada, EASA, and the FAA have all given the affirmative nod for the system to be installed on the following Bombardier aircraft. Challenger 300/350/3500s, Challenger 605/650s, and Global Express/XRS/5000/6000s to install Smart Link Plus.
  2. As it stands currently, Approvals for the Challenger 604 and Global 5500/6500 models is anticipated for earlier in 2024. So what is Smart Link Plus? With Smart Link Plus, ground crews can also use the program’s remote parameter display to independently monitor an aircraft while in-flight to assist in finding the root cause of potential issues. While in-flight, the Smart Link Plus service automatically sends ground crews takeoff, landing and in-flight fault notifications together with contextual data, allowing the flight crew to focus on other tasks. Full flight data is automatically transmitted and accessible once the aircraft has landed. Access to full aircraft systems data provides additional information required to troubleshoot more complex faults. The system was first implemented on the Global 7500 and will now go on the forthcoming Global 8000.

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Thread Status:
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