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News: First Hybrid-Electric Ground Test By Pratt & Whitney

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  1. Pratt & Whitney Completes First Hybrid-Electric Ground Test
    This week saw the first engine run which is destined for Pratt & Whitney's hybrid-electric demonstrator. Eventually that demonstrator is expected to make its first flight on a Dash 8 regional airliner as the test bed in 2024. The test saw a 1 MW electric motor produced by Collins Aerospace along with an unnamed turbine engine for a combined power output of 2 MW which is similar in power to the PW121 turboprop engine.
  2. The test bed Dash 8-100 is being prepared as the demonstrator but that involves alot of modification work. That work will be carried out by Canada’s Flight Test Center of Excellence. It will integrate the hybrid-electric powertrain, a battery system provided by Swiss firm H55, and high-voltage electrical harnesses. As a sustainability initiative, the program is hoping to achieve a 30% reduction in Co2 emissions as well as fuel burn. It is part of a trend where the aviation industry whether it is business aviation or commercial is looking to be as environmentally responsible as possible going forward into the future.

    For more information:

    Pratt &Whitney
    400 Main Street
    East Hartford, CT 06118
    United States of America

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.