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News: FAA Green-Lights HondaJet ELITE II

  1. HondaJet ELITE II Certified By FAA
    Having been unveiled to the public at the recently concluded NBAA-BACE, the latest iteration of the HondaJet, the HondaJet ELITE II has now been given certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This paves the way for deliveries of the newest iteration to customers. The ELITE II is now the move-on from the predecessor ELITE S. The ELITE II offers a number of improvements over the S model as all previous iterations.
  2. There is something new for both the pilots and the passengers in the cabin. In the cabin there are two new interior options to go with which are STEEL and ONYX. Pilots have better performance to the aircraft including increased range, increased MTOW, ground spoilers etc. And coming next year will probably one of the biggest improvements by way of further automation. To read about many of the upgrades you can view at the following link .

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