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News: Eviation Signs Deal With Air New Zealand

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  1. Eviation Signs LOI With Air New Zealand
    Eviation, the maker of the forthcoming all-electric aircraft the Alice has signed a deal with Air New Zealand that will likely see it deliver up to 23 of the type to the flag-carrier airline of New Zealand. The airline is starting to roll-out its Mission Next Gen aircraft program which will see the airline adopt several ways to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  2. Although the deal signed is a Letter of Intent (LOI), it shows the airline believes in Eviation's product. It also makes Air New Zealand the first national carrier to go for the still-experimental aircraft. Gregory Davis, President and CEO of Eviation, suggests that "a good portion of Air New Zealand’s routes fit well within the aircraft’s range and performance". It would be a good fit for the airline on a regional level. "Regional flights make up a sizable proportion of Air New Zealand’s routes," he said. "The Alice offers an effective way to decarbonize these journeys, revolutionizing air travel and supporting the goals of the Mission NextGen Aircraft program." The intent to order suggests that Air New Zealand would take three of the aircraft with options for 20 of the type.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.