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News: Eviation LOI With Aerus For Alice Electric Commuter

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  1. Mexican Startup Adds Orders To Alice Electric Commuter Tally
    Eviation now has another 'order' in the form of a Letter of Intent (LOI) from an emerging company in Mexico. The company is called Aerus and they launched commercial operations this year, that is how new they are. They 'shook hands' on a LOI for 30 of Eviation Alice electric planes. As the airline is now starting to spread its wings its focus is also trying to be a efficient and green as possible. The all-electric aircraft with a commuter-configured interior fits their master plan. The only problem is that the Eviation Alice is not in service...yet.
  2. It is still being flight-tested but that has earned it the title as the world's first all-electric commuter plane to be flight tested. MagniX magni650 electric engines power the aircraft and since it is all-electric there are no emissions in its operations. Additionally, the flight-hour operations cost is much less than that of a jet or even higher-end turboprops. Javier Herrera García, CEO of Aerus said: "As we enter into service, our objective is to create new opportunities for regional travel in Mexico that are environmentally and economically sustainable. Working with Eviation to bring a zero-emissions fleet to our region will transform the way we experience air travel and connect communities like never before."

    For more information:

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.