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News: Eviation ALICE Finally Takes First Test Flight

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  1. First Test Flight Of Eviation ALICE
    After months of speculation and teasing by the airframer as to when the first flight of the Eviation ALICE would be, the time has officially come. The first test flight occurred on the 27th of September taking off from Grant County International Airport in Moses Lake, Washington. The initial flight only lasted approximately 8 minutes, it kicks off the flight-test campaign finally. The aircraft that took the first flight is registered N882EV. This is flight test prototype is the precursor to what Eviation will be offering to the public which will include an aircraft capable 260-knots and a VFR range of around 250 miles with up to 2,500 lbs payload.
  2. Eviation is offering the finished aircraft in three cabin variations, Commuter, Executive and Cargo. Test pilot Steven Crane was the only person on board the 9-passenger and one (or two) pilot electric plane for the maiden flight. The test pilot carried the aircraft around the airfield at about 3,500 feet twice. As to when it will come into service in the market space...that could be as late as 2027. The company expects to have production prototypes test-flying by 2025 but advancements in battery-tech is needed to help ensure the ALICE can be commercially viable.

    For more information:

    19010 59TH DRIVE N.E.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.