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News: Epic E1000 GX

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  1. Upgraded Epic E1000 GX
    Most airframers tend to update their models as time passes to keep their customer-base satisfied as well as provide options for existing and new clients. For Epic Aircraft they are doing the same thing with their fast turboprop the E1000 of which the latest iteration is the E1000 GX. They received Type Certificate for the GX model last year from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). One facet about the GX variant is that it has a 5-bladed composite prop from Hartzell. The regular E1000 has has a four-blade prop. There is a Garmin GFCTM 700 Automated Flight Control System onboard.
  2. "The Garmin GFCTM 700 is a truly superior product, offering full integration with our G1000 NXi-equipped flight deck, along with impeccable ease of use and advanced safety features. It’s a perfect upgrade to our world-class line of E1000 aircraft," commented Epic CEO, Doug King. The Garmin GFCTM 700 is an advanced Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS)-based flight control system, providing flight director, autopilot, yaw damper, automatic trim capabilities, emergency descent protection, coupled go around and more, all intended to inspire confidence and ensure safe, smooth flight operations. The new composite prop offers increased performance on the ground as well as in the air. The Hartzell 5-blade propeller provides stronger, composite resin-injected blades that allow for a thinner, wider airfoil which optimizes flight performance, offering faster takeoff acceleration and enhanced speed, versatility and comfort. As a reminder, the original Epic E1000 received type certification from the FAA in November 2019.

    For more information:

    Epic Aircraft
    22590 Nelson Road,
    Bend OR 97701

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.