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News: Daher 2023 Performance Remains Stable

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  1. Stable Performance For Daher In 2023
    By the end of 2023 Daher recorded 74 deliveries to customer around the world which was only 1 more unit more than in 2022. In terms of order intake for 2023, that perfectly matched the previous year as well standing at 100 units and takes their backlog well into-2025. The majority of deliveries for 2023 were for the TBM turboprop as would be expected.
  2. Of the 74 deliveries, 56 were for the TBM 960 and the TBM 910. A small number were delivered to both Latin America, Central Asia and Europe while the majority were delivered in the United States as Canada only saw 2 delivered. On the other hand, the Kodiak line saw 18 of the turboprops shipped which straddled the Kodiak 900 and the Kodiak 100. The United States once again led in terms of deliveries.
  3. "These figures reflect the market’s stabilization as we continue to see a strong demand for TBM and Kodiak aircraft, although challenges persist in affecting our industry—including employment and supply chain issues," said Nicolas Chabbert, senior v-p of Daher’s aircraft division. "There have been efforts made to address these difficulties and improve the situation. We are seeing the results of our solutions in the employment field through internal training and the attraction of new talent. For the supply chain, the importance of delivering on time will enable us to continue seeking opportunities in a strong market."

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.