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News: Citation CJ3 Upgraded To CJ3 Gen2 With A Slew Of Enhancements

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  1. CJ3 Now CJ3 Gen2 With New Upgrades
    Textron Aviation announced at the ongoing NBAA-BACE that they have upgraded the Citation CJ3. The CJ3 now comes in line with some of the improvements made to some of the other Citation CJ models in the last few years. As you could guess, it is now called the Citation CJ3 Gen2 and boasts a revamped interior for the passenger and pilot experience.
  2. "The CJ3 series is built on 20 years of success in the marketplace. Whether you're flying for personal use, charter, in a corporate flight department, or even a special mission, there's nothing else in the market that competes with the CJ3 G2's cabin and performance," said Lannie O'Bannion, Textron Aviation's senior v-p of sales and flight operations. Pilots will have more space and legroom (additional 4.5 inches) in the cockpit allowing them to step in and out of the cockpit easier. Older CJ3s would normally be fitted with Collins ProLine 21 but the Gen2 is coming with Garmin G3000 as well as auto throttles.
  3. In the cabin there is accent lighting that can change color and has dimming capability. CoolView skylights also add some ambient lighting to the cabin. On the exterior, there is a fresh paint design scheme along with different writing style. The aircraft features newly redesigned steps with added handles and integrated step lighting to make boarding safer and easier for users of the aircraft. The Citation CJ3 Gen2 will offer standard seating for 10 occupants. With a maximum range of 2,040 nm and a maximum payload of 2,135 pounds. FlyExclusive will be the launch customer for the CJ3 Gen2.

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Not open for further replies.