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News: Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet Grounded By FAA

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  1. FAA Grounds Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet
    The United States based Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has given an Airworthiness Directive (AD) to Cirrus Aircraft concerning their SF50 Vision Jet. The issue in this case relates directly to the aircraft Angle of Attack (AoA) vane which they say needs replacing immediately. With over 110 Vision Jets in service today it is a substantial fleet to ground.
  2. In several instances since November 2018, "the aircraft's stall warning and protection system (SWPS) or Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP) System engaged when not appropriate". This then led to a Crew Alert System (CAS) warning and subsequent activation of the stick shaker and/or stick pusher even if the aircraft was flying fast enough and at sufficient Angle of Attack under normal circumstances of flight. Does this scenario sound vaguely familiar? "The noted condition presents an immediate danger to pilots and passengers of Cirrus Design Corporation Model SF50 airplanes because an uncommanded pitch down may be difficult to recover from in some flight regimes with potential fatal consequences," according to the FAA. The solution: Replacement of the Angle of Attack (AoA) vane with a modified part from the manufacturer Aerosonic. Originally installed AoA components on many SF50 jets appeared to be improperly fixed.

    For more information:

    Cirrus Design Corporation
    4515 Taylor Circle
    Duluth, MN 55811

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.