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News: Challenger 3500 To Enter Service This Quarter

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  1. Bombardier Challenger 3500 Coming To Market This Quarter
    The updated Challenger 350 -now called the Challenger 3500 to better match the fleet numerology - will enter service this quarter according to Bombardier CEO Eric Martel. The announcement was made when the CEO gave the second-quarter results for the year. While on the subject of Q2 performance results, the Canadian airframer delivered 55 units through the first half of the year. The airframer is predicting to deliver in the region of 120 units by the end of 2022...but this guidance is cautiously optimistic.
  2. The Challenger 3500 is not physically different on the exterior as compared to the 'previous' model it is in the cockpit and the cabin where the updates have been made. Some of the modern features in the cabin of the larger Global cabin is making its way into the cabin. The cockpit is also getting autothrottles -as Bombardier calls them Safe Flight Autothrottles-. In the cabin, the award-winning 'Nuage' seat which debuted on the flagship Global 7500 is now on the Challenger 3500. Once ramp-up of the super-midsize jet happens, delivery numbers for Bombardier will rise further this year and into next year.

    For more information:

    Bombardier Aerospace
    400 Côte-Vertu Road
    West Dorval, Quebec H45 1Y9

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.