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News: Cessna Unveils Citation Ascend

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  1. Citation "Ascend"; Latest Model By Cessna
    A new Cessna model has hit the market and its launch has ascended to the top of the news. Textron Aviation has launched the Cessna Citation Ascend. The new model is being marketed as new can more be seen as an extension of the Citation 560XL family but with all the modern conveniences and features expected of a brand new plane in 2023. The following are the new points Cessna worked on to make the Ascend different. There is an entirely new cockpit, improved performance and a more luxurious cabin to the midsize business jet market.
  2. The cockpit is entirely new compared to what existed on the Citation XLS/Excel and subsequent XLS+. The Ascend is using the Garmin G5000 in the cockpit which is a proper modern glass interface moving up from the Collins Pro Lin 21 of the XLS+ and Honeywell Primus from the XLS. Pilots will feel at home in the new cockpit as it is more feature-packed resulting in less pilot-workload overall. Ironically there has been EASA approval last year for the XLS/Excel to be upgraded to the G5000 flight deck.
  3. The aircraft will have improved performance thanks to the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545D. This will be powering the Citation Ascend which is a slight step-up from the PW545C that powers the XLS+. The engines use new materials and technology — including a more efficient high-pressure compressor, an enhanced single stage high-pressure turbine module, and an upgraded exhaust mixer. The PW545D engines are also equipped with a Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC), enabling the new autothrottle technology and ensuring they operate at their maximum efficiency and with reduced pilot workload. Design improvements on the aircraft deliver the ability to carry a higher combination of payload and fuel load while retaining access to short runways. With four passengers at high-speed cruise power, customers will enjoy trips such as London City, UK, to Athens, Greece; Helsinki, Finland, to Porto, Portugal; or La Mole, France, to Prague, Czech Republic. A few predicted performance stats include a four-passenger range of 1,900 nautical miles at high-speed cruise power (with an estimated maximum range of 2,100 nm). Cruising at 441-knots and the ability to climb direct to 45,000-feet.
  4. In the cabin, perhaps the most notable feature is the cabin has a fully-flat floor now. "The flat floor is a game changer when it comes to comfort," said Christi Tannahill, senior vice president, Customer Experience. "The design gives passengers more room to swivel their seats, stretch their legs and comfortably move around the cabin." Besides the flat floor, the seats have also been redesigned. The main cabin seats will feature an electrically controlled release for swivel and tracking on the seat pedestal. Optional seat quilting, footrests, and electrically controlled lumbar support make relaxing easy while side-facing seats will feature fold-down seat backs to provide additional in-flight accessible storage space. The Citation Ascend will include all-new cabin windows that are nearly 15 percent larger and offer more natural light with translucent and opaque shade settings, wireless shade control, and optional lighted window rings to enhance the cabin’s illumination and mood.
  5. The powerplant is part of the PW500 series of engines which are proven platforms but for the Ascend they tweaked and adjusted it for this aircraft. Nicholas Kanellias, vice president, General Aviation, commented: "The PW500 turbofan family has established itself as the engine of choice for light to mid-size business jets thanks to its proven safety, reliability and durability, attractive operating economics and comprehensive maintenance plans. The PW545D is the latest engine in this family. We injected all we've learned from the more than 4,600 PW500 engines produced to-date, which have accumulated over 22 million flying hours. This new engine is even more fuel-efficient, offers greater thrust and an increased TBO of up to 6,000 hours for eligible customers." Hold on to your hats for now as the Citation Ascend isn't expected to enter the market until 2025.

    For more information:

    Cessna Aircraft Company
    1 Cessna Blvd.
    Wichita, KS 67215

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