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News: BOOM Supersonic Updates At Paris Air Show 2023

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  1. Paris Air Show Updates From BOOM Supersonic
    BOOM Supersonic updates the industry on their latest progress on the Overture development at the ongoing Paris Air Show. “We are incredibly proud of the progress with Overture and Symphony from our global team of partners and suppliers who continue to operate at an accelerated pace toward the future of sustainable supersonic flight” said Blake Scholl, founder and CEO of BOOM Supersonic. After the crushing news that Rolls Royce had pulled out of the program as engine provider, BOOM continued on to find another manufacturer. FTT (Florida Turbine Technologies) are working on the Symphony engines that will power the Overture.
  2. “We believe there is large market potential for both Overture and Symphony, which will be transformational for the future of supersonic travel,” said Stacey Rock, President of Florida Turbine Technologies. “The Symphony engineering team includes many of the best and most experienced engine designers on the planet, and we’re thrilled to expand our role to include the initial assembly of engines for ground test, flight test, and certification.” Initially, work on the Symphony engine will take place in Jupiter, Florida. This engine will be able to operate on 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).
  3. BOOM Supersonic has chosen Aciturri, a Spain-based company recognized as a top-tier leader across aerostructures and aeroengines components, to design and develop the empennage for Overture. Overture’s empennage features a differentiated horizontal stabilizer that allows for greater control at subsonic speeds—particularly takeoff and landing. “Overture is a generation-defining project,” said Alvaro Fernandez Baragaño, CEO of Aciturri. “We are bringing decades of aerostructures and aeroengines expertise to the future of sustainable supersonic flight with Boom.”
  4. Leonardo is also working with BOOM on various structural main components for the supersonic jet. With long-standing leadership in structural composite components for commercial aircraft, Italian company Leonardo will support Overture as the primary engineering lead for major fuselage structural components. Leonardo was also selected as design and build partner for two major fuselage sections of Overture, including the wingbox. The proprietary design of Overture’s contoured fuselage has a larger diameter toward the front of the aircraft and a smaller diameter toward the rear. Boom applied this design technique to minimize wave-drag and maximize fuel efficiency at supersonic speeds. “Leonardo has played an integral role in shaping the success and future of the aviation industry,” said Stefano Bortoli, Leonardo’s Aerostructures Division Managing Director. “We will build on that tradition and believe in Boom’s continued, and impressive, progress toward bringing sustainable supersonic air travel to the skies.”
  5. Additionally, Spain-based Aernnova will design and develop the wing structure for Overture. Overture’s gull wings are shaped to enhance supersonic performance as well as improve subsonic and transonic handling. The wings are structurally thinner than typical subsonic wings to reduce drag, allowing the aircraft to efficiently travel at higher speeds. Among the major systems highlighted, Overture’s fuel systems provide center of gravity control during subsonic and supersonic operations, enable sustainable aviation fuel compatibility and supply fuel to the engines. Triple redundant hydraulic systems provide reliable power for flight controls and mechanical systems, and Overture’s landing gear is compatible with international airport runways and taxiways—designed for takeoff and landing on over 600 routes around the world. By the end of this year BOOM should have partnered with suppliers for all major systems for the Overture.

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