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News: Beechcraft Denali Delayed To 2025

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  1. Delays Push Beechcraft Denali Into 2025
    A couple hiccups late in the certification process for the Beechcraft Denali now serve to delay the certification of the aircraft which was expected to enter service this year will now be targeted for 2025. Not only does this delay the aircraft's service entry but it could serve to push-up the cost of the aircraft to the customer. The issues stem from certifying the GE Catalyst powerplant as well as the addition of Garmin's Autoland as standard equipment onboard the new Denali.
  2. Textron Aviation brought P2 to the EAA Air Venture in Oshkosh which represented the aircraft's show debut. That test aircraft is fitted with a full production interior. The Denali will be certified for single-pilot operations. The future single-pilot operations with the aircraft will be aided by autothrottle and single-lever power control through the Garmin G3000 interface. In the cabin will be comfortable too as the seats are sizable seats, larger than those carried on the King Air 260.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.