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News: AutoFlight Nets Massive Order After Record 250KM Test Flight

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  1. Record 250KM Test Flight Leads To Massive Order
    AutoFlight made big news with their eVTOL Gen4 Prosperity 1 when it flew the longest distance on a single charge for any eVTOL so far. The distance was recorded at 250.3-km or around 155 nautical miles all on the crafts batteries. The test flight did not go unnoticed as the company soon netted a massive order from EVFLY who initially intend to purchase 205 Prosperity I and Prosperity Cargo Aircraft. The first 10 aircraft once delivered EVFLY will operate in the Middle East region, UAE and Saudi Arabia.
  2. AutoFlight president Omer Bay-Yohay commented: "This is a fantastic deal and illustrates just a few of the many geographies that will benefit from eVTOLs in both cargo and personal mobility. The team at EVFLY has a proven track record in successfully managing freight and cargo businesses and we’re delighted to be partnering with them in what could be one of the first commercial eVTOL operations in the world." To be clear, the test flight didn't fly the 250.3 kilometers from destination to destination but was comprised of 20 circuits which were on a predefined flight track. No pilots were onboard as the aircraft was remotely piloted from the ground by AutoFlight’s Flight Test team. AutoFlight used well-known third party systems like ForeFlight to record the distance flown. As a reference, the previous longest flight on a single charge by an eVTOL was by Joby Aviation at a very close 248km distance set back in 2021. The Prosperity I aircraft at this stage is on track for certification in 2025.

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Thread Status:
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