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News: AMSL Aero Vertiia eVTOL

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  1. Vertiia eVTOL By AMSL Aero
    Here is an eVTOL from a startup that JF has not covered before. The Vertiia eVTOL is from a startup based in Sydney, Australia. Its design is certainly different than what we typically have been covering on JF. However, does its design differences make it any different to the plethora of eVTOLs in development. The Vertiia will be a hybrid of sorts with it having the ability to fly on battery power alone or hydrogen fuel. Before we delve into the proposed performance figures for the Vertiia eVTOL here is a look at the design of it so far.
  2. The Vertiia has been preliminarily carded to operate with 5 passengers on battery energy alone for up to 250 kilometers (135 nautical miles) before it has to recharge its batteries. AMSL Aero is suggesting that on hydrogen fuel alone that the craft will be able to fly for 1,000 kilometers (540 nautical miles). The cruise speed is anticipated to be 300 kilometers per hour or approximately 186 miles per hour. Vertiia eVTOL will be engineered to exceed industry standards with a triple redundant system architecture and large 2.1m door for easy access.
  3. These are all preliminary figures that have to be validated in the real world but testing is well underway of the eVTOL with a prototype of the Vertiia having made its first tethered hover flight on February 21st, 2023. Up until that point in February the company had successfully remotely piloted the craft on 11 or more test hover flights. The flights also created some history not just for the company but Australia in general. It is the first time that an eVTOL has been designed and built in Australia and flown in Australia.

    For more information:

    AMSL Aero
    Address, 175 Liverpool Street,
    Sydney, NSW 2000,

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