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News: Ampaire Flies Its First Hybrid-Electric Plane

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  1. First Hybrid-Electric Plane Flies For Ampaire
    Ampaire has flown its first hybrid-electric plane. The aircraft utilized is a Cessna Grand Caravan that has been modified with Ampaire's integrated propulsion system of a compression ignition engine and an electric engine. They call it the Eco Caravan. At present it is a hybrid aircraft and eventually the company may endeavour to fully electrify the aircraft. However, it isn't very easy to decarbonize aviation and with current battery tech limiting range, sometimes hybrid is the best methodology to use.
  2. Ampaire CEO Kevin Noertker, commented: "Aviation is the hardest industry to decarbonize. Fully-electric aircraft are range limited because of the weight and energy capacity of current-generation batteries. Hybrid-electric aircraft, however, can preserve the range and utility of today's aircraft. That is why we are focused on hybrid-electric propulsion for a series of increasingly capable regional aircraft. It's a way for the airline industry to decarbonize more quickly and also to benefit from lower operating costs." The first test flight only lasted 33 minutes as it was just to validate the propulsion system was functioning properly. The aircraft departed Camarillo Airport near Los Angeles and climbed to around 3,500 feet with full power available from both propulsion sources. Ampaire is currently working alongside the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to certify the Eco Caravan by 2024 under a supplemental type certificate structure.

    For more information:

    3507 Jack Northrop Ave.
    Hawthorne, CA 90250

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.