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New Orders: United inks for 150 Boeing 737 Variant Aircraft

  1. United Airlines announced orders for 100 Boeing 737MAXs and 50 Boeing 737 NEXT GEN

    The world's largest airline upgrades its fleet with 100 Boeing 737MAX and 50 Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft. United Airlines has announced an order for 150 737 airplanes, including 100 of the new Boeing 737 MAX 9. The world's largest airline by traffic is the latest carrier to choose the newest member of the 737 family which today eclipsed 10,000 orders overall.

    Counting all variants, the 737 program has now logged more than 10,000 orders, further cementing the 737 as the undisputed best-selling jetliner in the world. The next generation 737 is the most fuel-efficient and reliable single-aisle airplane today with an 8 percent per seat operating cost over the nearest competitor.

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