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LearJet Aircraft

  1. LearJet

    In 1990 Bombardier Aerospace purchased the Learjet Corporation. This acquisition gave Bombardier access to the American aerospace industry and the most complete range of private jets and business jets on the market. Bombardier promptly launched the Learjet 60 aircraft, the first midsize business jet, which would rank as the top-selling aircraft in its class four years later. An improved version of the Learjet 55, the 60 had a longer fuselage and more powerful turbofan engines. It was also the last legacy jet built by Learjet using the wing shape adapted by Bill Lear from his earliest design, a Swiss ground-attack fighter jet developed in the early 1950s.

    Sixteen years after the first flight of the Learjet 60, the 60XR variant was launched in 2005. Like all Learjets before it, the 60XR is a true performer. With a range of over 2400 nautical miles, a faster time-to-climb than any other mid-size business jet, and a service ceiling of 51,000 feet, the 60XR can get it's passengers across continents quickly and comfortably.

    Through the 1990s Bombardier continued to expand the Learjet range. The Learjet 40 and 45 series of mid-size private jet aircraft were smaller alternatives to the 60 and 60XR, but were on par with their larger brothers as far as performance was concerned. The 45 was also the first Learjet developed under the Bombardier Aerospace name. In 2002 the Learjet 40, a shortened 45, was unveiled as a replacement of the discontinued Learjet 31a

    The 45XR private jet was introduced in mid 2004 (as was the 40XR just a few months later) with higher performance engines, offering greater takeoff weights, faster cruise speeds and faster time-to-climb rates as compared to the LJ45. Recently, new models have been unveiled by business jet manufacturer Bombardier in the form of the Learjet 70 and Learjet 75. They are trying to get these new planes certified by the FAA possibly by May 2013. Both the 70 and the 75 are the upgraded, improved and rethought versions to the Learjet 40 and 45. Now, the brand is poised to introduce the Learjet 85, which is currently in development. The Learjet 85 will be utilizing many of the advances in business jet technology. Inclusive is the extensive use of composite materials in the aircraft’s construction. In fact, it will be the first Learjet to be fully built in composite materials.

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