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In Development: Bombardier ‘Learjet 85’

  1. Bombardier ‘Learjet 85’ business jet

    Bombardier's Learjet brand is a familiar name to most. In fact, Learjet has been around since October 1963, when the original Learjet 23 took to the skies. Now, the brand is poised to introduce the Learjet 85, which is currently in development.

    The Learjet 85 will be utilizing many of the advances in business jet technology. Inclusive is the extensive use of composite materials in the aircraft’s construction. In fact, she is the first Learjet to be fully built in composite materials. Several advantages are apparent with the use of composites such as the ability to have thinner cabin walls that translates into a larger interior cabin. It also helps to reduce unnecessary weight.

    Weight reduction is important in performance and this Lear is expected to cruise in the region of MACH 0.82 with a range of 3,000 nautical miles. Twin Pratt & Whitney PW307B engines will be powering the ’85. Maximum ceiling has been placed at just under 50,000 feet, transporting her maximum eight guests above the weather and in comfort. The new mid-sized jet has an anticipated price of $17 million dollars.

    For more information:

    Bombardier Aerospace
    400 Côte-Vertu Road
    West Dorval, Quebec H45 1Y9