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How effective is JF's SEO?

Discussion in 'The Ten Mile High Club' started by JetForums, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. JetForums

    JetForums Publisher/Admin

    Apr 28, 2012
    A few days ago, I began pinging Google using our SEO technology. I'm glad to say it's working! It will take many months and many discussions for a large number of jet aviation keywords to be indexed, but the words that are most important to me during the early development stages have already topped a Google search. Try it for yourself...

    Airbus jet forums
    Boeing jet forums
    Bombardier jet forums
    Cessna jet forums
    Cirrus jet forums
    Dassault Falcon jet forums
    Eclipse jet forums
    Embraer jet forums
    Excel jet forums
    Gulfstream jet forums
    Hawker Beechcraft jet forums
    Honda jet forums
    Piper jet forums

    I'm not having much luck with "Lear jet forums" right now, but I'll keep working on it. Still, not bad considering the depth, reach and propagation of several well-known, professional pilot websites. It's up to you guys from here! Keep the topics on theme, keep the discussions relevant and hopefully the right people will turn base. :)