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Cessna Jet Aircraft

  1. Cessna Aircraft Company

    Cessna, one of the world’s premiere Business Aircraft builders has risen to be an aviation legend in its own time. Securing their historic presence once again, Cessna‘s latest triumph in aviation design has given lift to the Longitude Series of Private Jets. This newest business jet aircraft from Cessna boasts an extraordinary range of 4,000 nautical miles w/Mach .86 speed. Outstanding performance by any Jet Aviation measure, this puts the Longitude in easy reach of worldwide business destinations.

    To emphasize Cessna’s lengthy aviation record, the latest count reaches 6,300 Citation Business Jet aircraft alone – an amazing number which now registers as the world’s largest fleet of Business Jets. Exclusive of that - or in addition to - another significant number; comprising Cessna Caravan Single Engine Utility Turboprops. Further, note the Company’s sales records which include numerous Aftermarket Services; Lift Solutions by Citation Air; Parts, Maintenance, Inspection and Repair – each combining numerous categories.

    Cessna’s history in business jet aircraft, private and corporate airplanes, escalates each year. The most recent statistics: In 2011 alone, Cessna delivered a total of 689 aircraft. This prodigious number includes 183 Citation business jets; plus turbofan and light aircraft, registering revenues of $2.9 billion. The Cessna brand name has designed, produced and delivered an enormous number of aircraft designs. The sum total – always in flight, comes to an astounding 193,500 airplanes. All of this began with the creative progeny and grit of one daring, determined man who knew his dream and was determined to create it: Clyde Vernon Cessna.

    Cessna’s operations include 4 separate facilities for aircraft manufacturing, flight support and aviation maintenance. Wichita, KS is home to corporate headquarters, where the Cessna Citation is built, while the Independence, KS facility primarily builds the single engine Cessna aircraft line, such as the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, the Cessna 182 Skylane and Cessna’s 206 Stationair. The two Wichita facilities employ more than 8,000 people and occupy over 1,400 square acres. Cessna also has a 300,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Columbus, GA where McCauley Propellers are designed and manufactured, plus 62,000 sq.ft in Chihuahua, Mexico where electronic components are manufactured, such as wiring harnesses.

    Cessna's first business jet, the FanJet 500, officially named the Citation, made its maiden flight on September 15, 1969. By 1978, over 500 Citation Jets had been delivered. In that same year, the Citation II received certification and by 1982, Cessna delivered their 1000th Citation Jet, rising to 1500 delivered by 1988. By 1990, variants of the jet included the Citation II, Citation III, Citation V, VI & VII. In 1992, General Dynamics announced the sale of Cessna to Textron. Then, in 1996 the Citation X received FAA certification. In just 3 years, sales of the Cessna Citation X eclipsed 100 aircraft, bringing to the total number of Citation jets sold to 3000. By 2006, the new Citation “Mustang” made its maiden flight, with the first one rolling off the assembly line in 2006.

    Other new and unusual designs continued to take flight; such as the Skymaster, a twin-tailed C 337, with its unique “push-pull” engineering. Then as a regular occurrence in the super-competitive aircraft business, Cessna’s history continued to ring up new surprises. In 1975, major marketing records were revised world-wide, as the Cessna Aviation registered its 100,000th single engine aircraft. Still, during this ultra-accepting-expansive phase in world business history, Cessna’s designers continued to open new markets, with multi-passenger business aircraft, including the 1977 twin engine Cessna 404 Titan II, then in 1979, the Cessna 340A, still a propeller –driven airplane.

    Another landmark, symbolic of unlimited growth in the industry: by 1985 the company was absorbed once more, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of General Dynamics Corporation. Still, creativity and production continued for the corporation’s activity. That date also marked the production debut of the Cessna Caravan. However, after another aircraft-productive period of 7 years, General Dynamics decided to sell its interests in the company, to Textron, Inc. There, in 2007, the Textron management divulged that the Cessna corporation would purchase the entire assets of the bankrupt Columbia Aircraft. The sale took place for $26.4 million. The company would continue producing its Columbia 350 and 400 -- then renamed as the Cessna 350 and Cessna 400. Production would continue to be centered at Columbia’s Bend, Oregon facility.

    Without doubt, the Company today strives to make certain each new Cessna airplane design-entry will prove to be another of Cessna’s premium aircraft builds. With the Company’s round-the-world focus, Cessna’s long-time successful ventures in air travel readily cover the entire gamut of flight; featuring business, pleasure; and in-flight training. Today of course, Cessna Aircraft - a Textron Inc. (NYSE:TXT) company - centers on its many functional and varied developments for the future, while its newest corporate jet model -- the Citation Longitude-- enters its starring role into the jet aviation business world. Textron is a multi-industry company that leverages an entire global network including aircraft, defense, industrial, and finance operations in its numerous and widely diverse, world markets. The corporation’s renowned brands include – alongside Cessna Aircraft -- Bell Helicopter, Lycoming, Jacobsen, Kautex, E-Z-Go, Greenlee, and Textron systems.

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