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News: Flaris Prepares To Fly LARS 1 Jet

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  1. LARS 1 VLJ Being Prepared For First Flight
    Polish company Flaris is currently working on a VLJ (Very Light Jet) they announced at the Paris Air Show last year. It is a single-engine jet in the VLJ segment that Flaris is trying to bring to market. Williams International has been chosen to provide the single powerplant in the form of a Williams FJ33-5 turbofan. The engine has already been installed on the first aircraft. Testing on the engine is anticipated to commence this month ahead of the first flight slated for Spring.
  2. The lightweight composite aircraft is billed to fly at around 28,000 feet at a cruise speed of 380-knots with a 1,700 nautical mile range. Many tests are going on with the aircraft at the moment but in total three aircraft are to be used in the testing phase of conformation. FAA and EASA certification is expected for 2019. With a 3,300 lbs MTOW the aircraft is anticipated to be able to take off in just 820-feet as suggested by target performance.

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