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News: SAF Now Available For M600/SLS; Meridian; M500

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  1. PA-46-based Pipers Can Fly on SAF
    Piper is proud to announce that Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is now available to be utilized on all PA-46 based Piper aircraft. That includes the M600/SLS, M500, and Meridian. SAF is not only FAA approved via SAIB NE-11-56R4, but is available for use in every country that turbine M-Class aircraft operate. This is good news for owners and operators of these models who can now have cleaner operations as a consequence.
  2. "We are pleased with the continuous improvements made to our products, especially in regards to environmental consciousness," said Ron Gunnarson, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support. "Prioritizing sustainability in our aircraft as technological advancements allow is important to Piper Aircraft, first seen in our electric Archer TX/CAE partnership and now with Sustainable Aviation Fuel compatibility in our turboprops. We are committed to a safer, greener aviation industry." This is one step that Piper is taking to create greener operations with its aircraft. Another was the announcement last year regarding an electric conversion kit for the Archer TX. Piper Aircraft and CAE are collaborating on an electrically powered conversion kit via a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for in-service Archer TX aircraft. Upon certification, CAE plans to convert two-thirds of their existing Piper Archer TX training fleet, and will be the first to develop a curriculum for new pilots to conduct training in an electric airplane. These Archer TX advancements will significantly reduce carbon emissions, while preparing pilots to operate greener, electric aircraft.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.