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News: Pivotal "Helix" To Take You Flying

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  1. New Personal eVTOL Hits U.S Market
    Your own personal jet? This new craft takes the idea of a personal craft to a whole different level and it is not subject to the being a concept you see in the movies. This personal craft requires no certificate to fly and operate either and is actually on sale in the United States. It is from a manufacturer called Pivotal and the aircraft is named "Helix". Spend 190,000 dollars and train with Pivotal to fly it and then you will be on your way with your personal Helix aircraft.
  2. It is single-piloted and has joysticks leading to fly-by-wire controls and is considered an eVTOL that is a Part 103 ultralight built for recreational flyers. On its own, the aircraft weighs under 350 lbs which puts it in ultralight personal category which the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) does not require to have certification to fly it. While there is no formal 'ticket' needed from the FAA, Pivotal requires all persons who purchase the aircraft to have a couple weeks of training in California at their Palo Alto location.
  3. "We’re proud to begin selling, and soon delivering, our Helix aircraft," said Ken Karklin, CEO of Pivotal. "The market is ready for the wonder of aerial recreation and short-hop eVTOL travel. We are ready to provide the beauty and freedom of personal flight to a whole lot of people with a passion for flying and an interest in creating a new generation of aviators and aviation". Interesting the company has backing by Larry Page (ex. Google CEO and co-founder). With this relative freedom, there are going to be some restrictions imposed like how fast it can fly, what airspace it can fly in as well as range. Pivotal began taking orders for the craft on January 9th.

    For more information:

    Pivotal Aero
    2200 Geng Rd Ste 100,
    Palo Alto, CA 94303,

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.