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News: EIS For G700 Could Be Pushed Back

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  1. Gulfstream G700 EIS Facing Potential Delay
    The much anticipated next Gulfstream, flagship G700 could be delayed in terms of entering service. Nothing official has been announced by Gulfstream themselves...yet but it appears the G700 might be a victim of higher safety scrutiny by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that now is happening thanks to what happened with the Boeing MAX program. The FAA came under heavy scrutiny and held its fair share of lashes for not doing their full share of due diligence with Boeing plane certification (specifically with the MAX program in the wake of the deadly MAX crashes). As a result the FAA is now even more stringent when it comes to the certification process...not just with Boeing but with any other new plane entering the market. The G700 from Gulfstream might just be falling into this increased scrutiny that will likely induce delays to the program.
  2. According to General Dynamics chairman and CEO Phebe Novakovic, the FAA has asked Gulfstream to perform a line-by-line validation of the software for the fly-by-wire, ultra-long-range business jet. This could end up adding a minimum of three months and at most half-year. The G700 was timed to enter service towards the end of this year in the fourth quarter. If this delay materializes it could also potentially delay the future flagship, the G800, which is pegged to make first flight in early 2023. The G700 flight test program has used 5 aircraft which accumulated 2,800 flight test hours so far. With production ongoing of customer aircraft, initial deliveries could be in question.

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Thread Status:
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